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strut around a little bit and talking mostly about taxes and the fiscal cliff, should have had his news conference last week before the bad news from the cia. president obama tried to show off the power he won through reelection, claiming voters back his call for tax hikes on the rich. but that message had a distraction. the petraeus problem. >> i have no evidence at this point, from what i've seen, that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: the president's withholding judgment on the fbi keeping secrets that allen, petraeus, and kelley and broadwell matter. >> we're safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. >> reporter: issue two was the fiscal cliff and taxes. >> what i'm not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for
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folks who don't need it. >> reporter: republicans demand no rate hike. can there be a deal finally to cut deductions in what the rich pay in taxes. >> i recognize we're going to have to compromise. as i said on election night, compromise is hard. >> reporter: issue three, libya. four americans dead in benghazi. republicans today demanded a new investigation and warned the president not to nominate u.n. ambassador susan rice as his new secretary of state. after rice blamed benghazi was a riot gone wrong. go after me, the president demanded. >> and to besmirch her reputation? it's outrageous. >> reporter: mostly he came across mellow. a victor reaching out to his opponents. with both sides up here not really far apart now on taxes, the president clearly hopes his reelection tips the balance, gets him some republican votes on this. and the deal he wants to avoid
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the fiscal cliff. live from capitol hill, steve handelsman, news4. steve, thank you. now, for more on the scandal involving the former cia director, nbc's pete williams joins us now. there's so many developments in so many different directions in this story. what's happened today? >> well, today we learned general petraeus will in fact testify before the senate about what happened in benghazi. it will be in a closed session. we're told actually he volunteered to do it. the senate said they wanted to hear from him, but his friends say he called the cia, called his associates there and said i do want to testify. today the director of the fbi and his deputy director went up and talked to some members of congress about why the fbi did not inform them or the white house, while this investigation was still going on. the fbi insisted from the beginning that there are clear rules about when you tell other people what you're finding out in the middle of an investigation. they said that involves only intelligence activities, and
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that they were satisfied from their investigation that there were no intelligence activities involved here. a couple of other minor points. we learned a little more about how the whole e-mail controversy got started. what happened is, according to several sources, in late may, jill kelley in tampa started to receive e-mails herself, but the first e-mail actually went to general allen from what now authorities say was paula broadwell saying wat out for jill kelley. according to the sources, general allen sends it to jill kelley and said i guess this is from you, its 'joke, and she says no. the sources say what concerned the fbi was not merely that somebody was getting unwelcome e-mails, but that the e-mails referred to the travel schedules of several of the generals in tampa, including general petraeus. and she was saying, is somebody cyber hacking, spying on me, knowing this information they shouldn't know. >> in line with that, so far investigators say they have not found anything that threatens national security.
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any change in that? >> no, that's exactly what the president said today. he was given several chances today to be critical of the fbi for not telling him about the investigation. the most he would say, as steve just reported is, that he was withholding judgment. then he also said he has confidence in the fbi and said, you know, if i was informed, then you would be asking me questions about why i was meddling in an fbi investigation. >> can't win. >> right. >> and we understand that paula broadwell is apparently staying with her brother here in the district. are any of the principals involved in this making any comment yet? >> no. just some associates of jill kelley. but i think it's important to note that general petraeus is no longer under investigation. that was referred to the director of national intelligence. we know what happened there. there is still an investigation at the pentagon, into the e-mails of general allen. as for paula broadwell, they've satisfied themselves there was no cyber crime here. but they searched her house because they wanted to make sure she didn't have any classified
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documents she wasn't entitled to or didn't store them in the appropriate weigh. the government lawyers i understand are still weighing that. >> and on and on it goes. appreciate it, pete. more than a dozen students suffered minor injuries after a school bus crash in upper marlbo marlboro. an suv rear ended a bus near marlboro pike. 15 of the students had some bumps and bruises, none went to the hospital. shoppers and employees at a walmart, a 24-hour walmart in laurel, maryland, say they're concerned tonight about a store manager who got shot during a robbery early this morning. that's near the anne arundel line west of the vw parkway. jackie bensen is there with more on this story. >> reporter: jim, people are afraid here, because this suspect is still at large. these are security camera images of the man police believe robbed the walmart in laurel around
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4:00 a.m. police say he shot the store manager, who had followed him into the parking lot. >> it's unclear exactly why, but it appears there was an incident in the parking lot with this individual, being the store employee, where the suspect shot the store employee in the upper body. >> reporter: once the store reopened, many employees appeared shaken. but they helped calm customers and in some cases walked them to their cars. >> it makes me not want to shop here no more. >> i was really surprised about that. because we just moved from here like a week ago. we always come here. especially at 4:00 in the morning. it was pretty shocking. >> very sad times. yeah, it's crazy. >> reporter: the store manager who is expected to survive his injuries is described as well liked and hard working. >> okay guy. he's doing fine. as far as from what i hear. it's terrible. >> reporter: jesse said he
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noticed the man when he came into the store. he says the man was all bundled up and appeared nervous. he asked where the heaters were. >> he asked me -- [ inaudible ]. >> a maroon minivan believed to be the getaway vehicle was found on fire a short distance from here just after the shooting was reported. and again, a search is on tonight for this suspect. reporting live in laurel, jackie bensen, news4. today a grand jury indicted a former store clerk in the death of 6-year-old aton patz. hernandez told them he lured eton into the store and strangled him and put his body in the trash. he disappeared in manhattan in 1979 on the first day his pares allowed him to walk to the school bus stop by himself. defense stories say hernandez is mentally ill and a trial will
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not solve the mystery of what happened to eton. d.c. police think there's a connection among at least four incidents in two nights, all of them targeting women. police are investigating an abduction and series of robberies this past friday and saturday. they're looking for four young men driving an older nissan max i ha. in the district, there is a housing boom. and for people who already own their homes, what that means is increases in their property taxes. one d.c. council member is trying to limit how much those taxes can go up. tom sherwood now here with that story. >> jim, the city already has a limit of 10%, but council member jack evans wants to make it 5%. since 2006 the district has capped annual homeowner tax increases at 10% to help the homeowners stay in their homes. but with the city's economy rebounding, even booming, from
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the national economic slowdown, rising house prices are putting more pressure on those taxpayers. now d.c. council finance and revenue chairman jack evan says he wants legislation this year to limit homeowner property tax increases to 5% a year, not 10%. as long as someone stays in their homes. >> no one should be paying 10% more in property taxes every year, year in, year out. people who have been here in the tough times deserve to stay here in the good times. that's what this bill is intended to help. people have been here in the tough times, who we want to stay here in the good times and not be priced out. >> reporter: evans discussed his tax relief even as mayor vincent gray was announcing a plan to add 100,000 new jobs in the city within five years. gray said the entire city is attracting private sector jobs, not just government oriented jobs. >> when you talk about microsoft locating in ward 8 of the district of columbia, that probably would have been
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considered heresy not so long ago. >> reporter: he said the city is benefiting from two decades of aggressive redevelopment. >> that's why washington, d.c. is the fastest growing city in america today, and why we're not detroit. >> the district has about a total of 750,000 jobs right now. the city says there's plenty of room for more. jim? >> tom sherwood, thanks, tom. our streak of cold weather is going to continue. what should we expect for tonight? chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us with that. hey, doug. >> more cold weather. we're just going to stay right in this trend. right on through the next couple of days and probably into next week, too. our average high temperature is 59. i really don't even see us having a chance to get there for the next week or so. temperatures right now, look at these numbers. at 6:00 at night, these are winter-like numbers. 45 in washington. 39 in manassas. look at winchester, virginia, right now at 34 degrees. frederick, maryland, coming in at 36. so that tells you we're in for a very cold night tonight.
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one maybe saving grace, notice the cloud cover moving into the area. we'll talk about the clouds, where they're coming from and talk about that coastal storm, new information coming up. >> thank you, doug. add another name to the race for virginia's lieutenant governor. today jean marie davis announced her intention to run for the position next year. the republican and former virginia state senator created a website called jeanne marie for she's married to tom davis. she most recently served as governor bob mcdonald's liaison office in d.c. brian moran is expected to step down. alexandria delegate shanel herring said she intends to put her bid in for that job. next on news4 at 6:00, strangers come to the rescue after a woman falls down on train tracks. violent protests erupt in europe as rioters face off with
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police. plus, a maryland bus driver's scuffle with a student is caught on video. table games are coming to maryland live, along with the promise of new jobs. this is chris gordon in anne arundel mills. i'll have that story ahead on news4.
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angry civilians in gaza are
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demanding retaliation on israel. a top hamas leader was killed by an air strike today. israel also attacked two hamas training facilities. violence has escalated in the gaza strip over the last few days. militants fired more than a hundred rockets near israel since saturday. tear gas was used to break up protests across the eu. it was quieter and wealthier nations like germany, hundreds of thousands of people went on strike to say what they call a social emergency. they want their governments to focus on job creation rather than spending cuts. president obama called on both republicans and democrats today to help the middle class avoid large tax increases. the congress has only 47 days before the so-called fiscal cliff. as nbc's danielle lee reports now, business leaders and
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taxpayers are growing more anxious about the new year. >> reporter: while lawmakers inside the capitol fight over taxes, on the outside the message from voters is clear. >> get together and reach a compromise. we do it every day in the regular world. >> come together, not fight with each other. >> reporter: taxpayers, without an alternative budget deal, january 1st, middle americans would see government programs slashed and their pocketbooks shrink. taxes could shoot up nearly $3,500 a year per household. >> a dangerous time for the country. >> reporter: the fight is over how to address the growing debt. democrats want to raise the taxes on the wealthiest 2%. republicans want to extend tax cuts to everyone. president obama is asking lawmakers to act now on the one area they do agree. >> we should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy. here's something we agree on. we don't want middle class taxes to go up.
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let's go ahead and lock that in. >> reporter: republicans say they're ready for compromise. also demanding any deal including cuts to program like social security and medicare. >> additional revenue should be tied to the only thing that will save the country in the long run, and that is reforming entitlements. we know that you can't raise taxes enough to solve the problem. >> reporter: as the debate continues, executives are meeting personally with the president, telling him ongoing uncertainty about the future will hurt the economy. this friday president obama will meet with democrats and republicans to talk about the fiscal cliff in their first face-to-face discussions since the election. in washington, danielle lee, nbc news. one of the longest running daily newspapers is shutting down. the manassas news and messenger told its readers today it will print its final edition on december 30th. its website inside nova also
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will close. that paper traces its roots to a publication that began in 1869. the stakes are going up at maryland's newest casino. table games will soon join the slot machines at maryland live. the casino could nearly double its staff. as chris gordon reports, it's not just gamblers who are welcoming the expansion. >> reporter: maryland live is a slots parlor. if players want blackjack, dice or roulette, they're offered on video games. >> i like the electronic game. it doesn't have an attitude. >> reporter: soon in addition, there will be a new sound here. 125 table games are coming with 24-hour-a-day gambling. maryland live is looking to hire 1,200 new employees. >> we already have about 1,800 people here, so this will will take us to 3,000 people. it makes us just about the largest employer in the state, certainly the largest taxpayer in the state.
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and it feels great. >> reporter: maryland live will be holding job fairs recruiting from bethesda to baltimore, and introduce a dealer training program. >> you have to make a commitment to the betterment of the local community which we have done. and that starts with hiring, training and bringing onboard local residents so they can better their lives. >> reporter: many of these players believe that table games with live dealers and crowds will be much more exciting. >> it's interesting to have live interaction with people. and i think it's just fun overall. >> a great big table where a lot of people are lined up and everybody's cheering for the roller. it's really exciting that way. this way is fun, but not as much fun. >> when they win in groups, they yell and scream and the excitement of the casino changes. >> reporter: maryland live is expected to complete its expansion into a full casino. all bringing table gaming by early spring. chris gordon, news4. maryland live says it pays state taxes of $400 million a
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year and expects that amount to go up as it expands. hit me. >> you're excited. you're ready for table games. >> yeah, right. >> how about our weather? we're gambling on cold temperatures right now. >> yeah. you know what, you're pretty much right on the money if you bet on cold the next couple of days. it will be a little on the chilly side. at least we're not talking about the real cold numbers yet. take a look at this. this is down along 7th street this afternoon, down in the district. pretty nice afternoon for the kids to run across the street. all doing so together. they've got their hats and coats on. you always know what the weather is by looking at the kids as they step out in the morning. you'll need the jackets tomorrow, too. the kennedy center, a beautiful night tonight, looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. and nice clear sky right now. at least looking at the kennedy
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center from our camera out there towards reagan national airport. 49 degrees the high temperature today. once again, ten degrees below average. and today marks ten of the last 14 days of the month of november have been below average. we just continue on this trend. i think this trend is going to last for at least another week, and maybe even longer. 45 degrees the current number out there. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. that puts our windchill at 41. a very cool evening. talk about cool. already freezing in winchester. already at the freezing mark. temperatures really coming down quickly. 36 in gaithersburg, 36 in frederick. we have not seen numbers this cool at 6:00 since last winter. so we are talking kind of winter-like numbers already. we're not even close to winter. winter still officially not beginning for another month, month and a half. radar, not showing any rain out there. we are going to see an increase in the clouds, and you can see the clouds moving up from the south. there is a coastal storm that's
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going to develop down to the south. that one will make its way in through southern portions of virginia, could give southern virginia a little bit of rain. but we'll stay out of it. we saw the sunshine today. tomorrow we'll call it partly cloudy to mostly cloudy i think. there's the first coastal system. this is the first coastal system that will affect portions of the carolinas, already producing high water along the cape. down to cape hatteras. washouts down there again. the next coastal storm is one we'll really watch, coming late sunday into monday. but on friday, friday and saturday right now, i think are looking really nice. still quite cool. but temperatures should get in the low 50s both days. with plenty of sunshine, i think we'll be okay. at least we have a little bit of a nice stretch. the next coastal storm, we've got the dip in the jet stream. this is bringing in the cold airplane. this time it will be the southern jet that produces this area of low pressure. right along the coast. so our coastal storm will be just off the coast. that means good news for us.
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i think we will see the rain. i think we will see that northeasterly wind. a little bit of a nor'easter that could bring levels up for the jersey shore, places like delmarva, up toward new york. not good news for them. but most of this is out to sea. and i think that's a very good thing here. because if it was coming a little bit closer, it's going to be another strong storm and it doesn't look like that's going to happen. we'll continue to keep you updated on what this system is going to do. but right now, i think our weekend is looking dry. nice this evening, but cool. 35 to 43 degrees. might as well drop that 35 down to 32. some areas already there. partly cloudy tomorrow morning. chilly, and yes, kids, get out the coats again. you're going to need them. the gloves, hats, all you got. 54 degrees on your friday. nice on saturday, with a high of 56. 52 on sunday. as the redskins take on the eagles. looking good for that game now. it looks like the rain comes in late sunday into monday. it doesn't look like all that much rain. one thing you notice, we're only in the 50s the entire time for the next seven days.
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>> we noticed that. thank you, doug. coming up in the broadcast, we learned new details about the teenage suspect who's now accused of two murders in the area. let's get ready to pay more on the dulles toll road. the new fare hike is next. coming up in sports, the wizards remain winless after another ugly loss, hoping to get back on track tonight. the redskins preparing for a new eagles quarterback. and robert griffin iii looking to avoid hitting the rookie wall in the second half of the season. ♪
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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up in boston, a woman fell onto the tracks at one of the commuter train stations there. others on the platform went to her rescue. it happened yesterday. the woman did not hit the third rail, the one that carries the electrical current. she only injured her leg during the entire ordeal. a newly renovated facility to help small businesses get started is now open in fairfax. it's the mason enterprise center, a joint venture between mason university and fairfax. it offers a wide range of amenities, and features something they call a shark tank area.
6:28 pm
a community up in brooklyn, new york, is one of several still cleaning up from hurricane sandy. things that once belonged to people ruined by the water are still lining the streets. the national guard troops dropped off supplies to a community center there this afternoon. some of the homes there have yet to regain power. they're helping owners with their insurance questions. the storm hit the east coast nearly two weeks ago. nbc news, former cia director david petraeus is expected to testify before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. petraeus will speak at a closed hearing into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. a former colleague told nbc news that petraeus volunteered to testify. an employee at a 24-hour walmart store in laurel, maryland, says the man who shot his co-worker in the parking lot this morning was acting
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strangely moments before that shooting. his face was covered with a hood and scarf. police found his car on fire moments after the getaway. the store manager who was shot is expected to survive. 15 elementary school students had minor bumps and bruises after a school bus crash in upper marlboro today. an suv rear ended the bus on route 301. 32 students were on the bus when it happened. none had to go to the hospital. we're learning more about the timeline about the murders authorities say are connected. a teenager from charlestown in maryland is charged in both cases. pat collins spoke to the people who knew the suspect. >> reporter: his name, joshua mebane. he's 17 years old, charged as an adult. the centerpiece suspect in two murders, 12 days apart. victim number one. teresa bass.
6:30 pm
she was the mother of four children. she was just married for the second time last year. october 26th around 7:00 p.m., teresa bass and her husband are walking their dog on this trail in the hampshire community. they encounter a young man coming from the other direction, acknowledge each other and keep on going. but then that young man turns around, opens fire. teresa bass is shot and killed, her husband shot and wounded. there were no angry words. no attempted robbery. no apparent motive at all. charged in the case, joshua mebane, 17 years old. he lives just a few blocks away. >> i just think it's appalling that, you know, somebody went out for a walk with their dog and their husband and they die. >> reporter: on the night of the walking trail murder, they say mebane gets on a social networking site and befriends a
6:31 pm
17-year-old teenage girl in baltimore county. the two travel to washington and check into a motel on new york avenue. victim number two, according to court documents they go to rob a cab driver. mebane shoots the cab driver in the head. the cab crashes and catches fire. they never got any money from that cab driver. they never gave him a chance. they say that teenage girl tells people about the murder. those people dial 911. case closed. investigators search mebane's home in charles county. there, they say they found a gun, but there's a lot more police work to be done. >> we want to know about his background, where he's been, could he be involved in other crimes, and most importantly, why he did this. >> reporter: they say that joshua mebane didn't go to school. a neighbor says he doesn't remember him hanging around his
6:32 pm
house. so what was he up to. police, they want to know. in charles county, i'm pat collins, news4. the search is on for a motive and the suspect who shot and killed a man early this morning in mount ranier. it happened just before dawn near the intersection of rhode island avenue and 37th street. the victim, a man in his mid-20s, was found in the roadway. oh, my god! >> this cell phone video of a fight between a student and an mta bus driver in baltimore, the maryland transit administration said the driver in this video was removed from service pending an investigation. the video doesn't show what triggered the fight. but the person who posted the video said the fight began when the driver told the teenager to turn her music down. police are interviewing witnesses. the mta says if the situation develops, drivers are expected to call for a supervisor's help.
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there's more graphic testimony today inside a prince george's county courtroom where a former student at bowie state university has been accused of stabbing and killing her roommate. the defense says the suspect was acting in self-defense. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins was in court all day and has more on this story. >> reporter: this is the defendant, alexis simpson, leaving the courthouse in upper marlboro after a second day of testimony in her murder trial. the state showed video of dominique frazier seconds after she was stabbed. the short cell phone video showed the victim slumped over leaning against a wall in the hallway. there were two people applying pressure to her wounds. she wasn't moving. alexis simpson is charged in the connection and stabbing of her suite mate. during cross-examination, the state's first witness, kiera johnson, a friend of the victim described what she saw. she said i didn't even see the
6:34 pm
knife. but when dominique hit her, the girl had the knife in her hand. i don't think she meant to cut dominique, gu just happened. the defense is saying the stabbing accidently happened in self-defense. simpson and frazier were suite mates who stopped getting along soon after the beginning of the school year. the two girls supposedly had a few altercations on campus. in yesterday's opening statements, the attorney for the di fence said, they are threatening me and i'm afraid they're going to jump me. i just want to change rooms. but that request was denied. one week later the two had an argument that resulted in two physical fights, the second ended with frazier dying from a stab wound to her neck. the defense began its case today and they're expected to continue tomorrow. this trial is also expected to wrap up by tomorrow. if simpson is convicted, she's looking at a minimum of sentence of 30 years in prison, or life behind bars without the
6:35 pm
possibility of parole if she receives the maximum. in upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, news4. a retired virginia state police detective made a public plea today for information about the murder of a virginia tech student. former lieutenant joe raider wrote an open letter asking anyone who has information about the death of morgan harrington to do the right thing and come forward. harrington disappeared in october of 2009 after leaving a concert at the university of virginia. the 20-year-old's remains were found three months later. raider was the lead investigator in the case until he retired earlier this year. a vote today means the price to drive on the dulles toll road will go up. the airport authority agreed to raise tolls for the next two years beginning in january. beginning on january 1st, it goes up 50 cents to $2.75. the next year the main toll will rise again to $3.50.
6:36 pm
most of that money will go towards the silver line metro rail extension out to dulles international airport. when we get our first snow of the winter, highway crews in virginia say they are prepared this year. one of the new tools allows people to figure out the status of plowing for their neighborhood. it shows the location of the plows and where the crews are going next. a truck mounted weather station will determine road and climate conditions just by driving on a road. also, good news for drivers. new high-pressure flush trucks will be used to clear snow and ice along the new i-495 express lanes. coming up in the broadcast, we'll tell you about the plan to kill deer in rock creek park is on hold. a gold medalest in town tonight. how are we looking, doug? >> temperatures on the cold side. but you already knew that. we'll talk about the next couple of days, and quoting what's happening for the weekend.
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the white tailed deer in rock creek park are safe from sharp shooters, at least for now. they planned to use hunters to regulate the growing deer population. the program was supposed to start next month but today the park service agreed to put off the deer kill until there's a decision on a pending lawsuit. several residents and animal rights advocates said the deer
6:40 pm
can be managed with nonlethal methods. the owner of a pharmacy that's linked to 32 meningitis deaths refused to testify on capitol hill today. his name is barry, who invoked his fifth amendment rights. the committee chairman claims that the deaths could have been prevented had the food and drug administration acted sooner on complaints against that company. the owner of the company said the fda had reports going back a decade against the new england compounding center. she was one of the stars of the london olympics, a star from the usa gymnastics team. tonight mckayla maroney is signing autographs. she's known for her intense facial expressions. in fact, there's an entire website called mckayla is not impressed, using a photo shopped
6:41 pm
picture of her from the games. she's a good sport about it and said her friends get a kick out of it. >> i've seen pictures and it makes me laugh all the time. my friends from school and home and from the gym and even the people on tour with me, they'll send me pictures like, oh, look what next celebrity is doing the face. >> after london, maroney fractured a bone in her leg. she's off her crutches now and in a walking boot for another week but says she's feeling great. >> she had bright moments in the olympics. >> that, she did. >> just as famous for her funny expression. >> as she is for her leaps. >> something for people to remember for sure. people remember robert griffin iii first half of the season. he's not hitting that rookie wall. the redskins defense preparing for the eagles, no matter who is under center for philadelphia.
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welcome back, everybody. meteorologist doug kammerer, talking about the cold air. 45 degrees out there right now. winds out of the east at 7 miles an hour. it is cold outside. even cold in our studios. jim and doreen having a problem right now. on the chilly side of things.
6:45 pm
i'm just saying. 39 in reston right now. 34 in gaithersburg. and 36 down toward penningtown. it's going to continue to be a chilly evening. temperatures way down from where they have been over the last couple of days, even at this hour. we're going to continue to go down. we're not going to see any rain across the region. we're not worried about that. once again, temperatures will go down, but they're going to be stopped and that's the good news by high clouds coming on in here. the clouds making their way in. we're going to see the temperatures at least go down to a level and kind of stop and moderate. so the slow cool will continue for a little while. we're going to get down into the upper 20s in most locations. 27 in martinsburg. 29 in leesburg. 36 in washington. that's where we were this morning. 33 in la plata. 32 in fredericksburg. a cold start tomorrow. i don't think we'll see as much sunshine as we saw today, so that will make it feel even cooler. 48 in leesburg. maybe 50 in washington.
6:46 pm
so temperatures might get a degree or two warmer, but it probably won't feel warmer because we'll see mostly cloudy skies across the area. cool conditions for your thursday and your friday. rather nice on saturday. i think saturday the best day with a high of 56. sunday a high of 52. watch the coastal storm coming up in just a few minutes. you feeling better over there? >> that's one way to get them to turn off the cold air. have doug mention it on the air. next we'll be wearing scarves and gloves. they'll notice that. one of the things that can't be denied about skins this year, they've had a lot of injuries to important players, the key players. >> you know, but every team has injuries. the packers won the super bowl, they had 18 players on injured reserve. >> i did know that. >> the good news is that wide receiver pierre carsgarcon did practice today. he could be on the field sunday
6:47 pm
against the eagles. garcon has only played in three games this season because of the pesky toe injury. he was expected to be robert griffin iii's main offensive weapon this season. griffin was elected as one of the team captains over the bye week. shanahan said it's the first time he remembers the team voting a rookie as captain. griffin isn't an ordinary rookie, ninth rated quarterback in the nfl. if the skins are going to salvage a morsel of respectability this season, the kid will have to lead them. one thing rg3 is doing is hitting that rookie wall we hear so much about. >> there's a lot of rookies. it's been a long journey thus far. for a lot of the players in general, it's been a grind. it doesn't bother me. it's another obstacle that you have to handle. so the amount of games, 16 games, however many it is after that, it doesn't bother me. i don't approach it that way. i'm my hardest critic. i'm all about fixing my
6:48 pm
mistakes. i can't tell you all my mistakes or divulge any secrets, but i'm all about that. so make sure you fix mistakes and don't make them again so you don't have any excuses. >> rg3 starting to sound a little bit like a coach. he wouldn't even share with us where he went over the bye week on vacation. >> what? >> he just said it was somewhere different. >> he probably figures why do you need to know. >> because we need to know everything. he's the quarterback of the redskins. >> master of communication, too. >> he's good. >> i like the way he handles it all. >> we're going to find out where he went on vacation. andy reed running out of excuses in philadelphia. reed was given an ultimatum that 8-8 which they finished last year wouldn't be acceptable this season. right now the eagles have the same record as the redskins, 3-6. but they might be in worse shape with a rookie quarterback likely making his first nfl start for the eagles on sunday. with michael vick probably out with a concussion, reed has turned his offense over to
6:49 pm
rookie nick folz. he was thrust into action last week and looked like he was going to be an instant success after this touchdown pass to jeremy maclin. like so many rookies do, he came crashing back down to earth with a couple of costly turnovers late in the game. the redskins defense should, though, be licking their chops. >> we've seen a lot of defense in the nfl. it's going to be nice to break them in a little bit. ultimately, we've got to do a lot of things right to win this game. it's not just him out there. he still has a lot of weapons. the defense is a formidable opponent for our special teams. we've got to come out and play hard. >> i think that's what makes it the toughest for a guy like that. not a lot of film on them. he runs their offense well. you can see that from the preseason games we watched and the last couple of quarters we watched. we've got to be sharp on our time. their skilled players are still the same. they have one of the best skill
6:50 pm
player groups in the nfl. so we've got a challenge ahead of us no matter who's quarterback for them. >> rookie quarterback coming to town, but the problem with the redskins, one of several, they are 0 for 8 against rookie quarterbacks in their last eight games. this really means nothing to the rookie quarterback that's going to start. >> not one to be proud of. >> isn't that crazy? >> that's poor. >> they've had rookie quarterbacks who weren't even in the league. more baseball awards given out tonight. gio gonzalez, finalist for the cy young award. in dallas, if the guys play like they did against charlotte, the win will not be coming anytime soon. last night not a resume reel pom answer for any of the wizards. this one was just plain ugly. jordan crawford driving, and catching his own air ball. guys, you know what that is, right? you can't do that.
6:51 pm
not allowed. >> that's a travel. >> the wizards guards shot a combined 6 for 37 in the game. doug, can you do the math on that for us? 18%. that is just disgusting. they lose 92-76. they drop to 0-6 on the year. coach, what say you? >> that display offensively in terms of trying to do everything on your own, we don't have a player on the team that we can do that with. until we realize that, we're going to have lapses like this. we've had lapses like this every game. that's something that's got to change. college hoops, two traditional powers, kentucky and duke playing last night. we pick it up in the second half. tied at 37. mason plumly, kammerer's favorite player in the whole universe. >> love him. >> kicks it out to suleiman. later in the half, duke up by
6:52 pm
12. archie throwing it up to noel, the freshman who picked kentucky over georgetown, finishes with 16 points. wildcats down by ten. seth curry taking over. a nice little pump fake to get the freshman off his feet. duke wins it 75-68. speaking of georgetown, they will be hosting liberty tonight at the verizon center without porter. still recovering from a mild concussion. it should be an easy game for the hoyas. this just in. r.a. dickey of the mets, not a big surprise, the national league cy young award. gio gonzalez does not win that. i think dickey was just a wee bit better. >> the nets can't win all of them. >> can you make contact with somebody at duke to tell him that hair cut played out about 20 years ago? >> i will.
6:53 pm
>> tell him it's gone. do something about that. a rare find. talking about retro, 45 century old ceme
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, a medical mistake. we'll hear from a local woman who had to undergo several surgeries after doctors accidently left a piece of equipment in her foot. waiting for answers, david petraeus will testify about the benghazi attack tomorrow as new details about his mistress surface. plus, a little girl takes her first steps on camera, but she's upstaged by the family dog, tonight at 11:00. final check, doug. >> it's going to continue to be on the cool side the next couple of days. temperatures will be rising a little bit as we make our way into friday and saturday, at least in the mid-50s. 50 tomorrow under mostly cloudy skies. we'll be starting each day in the upper 20s for most of you. low 30s. in the city, mid-30s. friday, saturday and sunday not looking bad, but the weather does change late sunday into monday. i think the redskins game should be fine, but we'll see a chance of showers late sunday and into the day on monday.
6:57 pm
temperatures in the low 50s. temperatures in the studio warmed up now. there you go. >> actually, they have. >> i haven't noticed. i'll take your word for it. the ancient resting place of an egyptian princess has been uncovered in egypt. archaeologists say they have unearthed a cemetery 4,500 years old. it is in an area south of cairo. the tomb indicates she was the daughter of the king. it's surrounded by the burial sites from high officials from the fifth dynasty. the scientists say all of the monuments belong to some very powerful families there. and the scientists say they hope to find more tombs in the area. the discovery comes just weeks after the egyptian government reopened a pyramid and some tombs that had been closed for ten years for restoration there. >> wow. >> amazing.
6:58 pm
>> that is. that's our broadcast for now. "nightly news" is up next.
6:59 pm

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